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Is SeeItFit free?
Yes! 100% free!
Can I use any picture?
Some pictures work better than others. A front facing picture with arms at your side will likely give you the best results. Check out our tips for pics for more details. We recommend uploading a couple of pictures: full length, waist up, hair down, hair up, etc. You can then choose the best pic for the outfit you are creating.
Who can see my outfits?
Only you, unless you say otherwise. All outfits are private by default. You must explicitly mark them as public or share them with friends for others to see them. We take privacy seriously, and give you the power to decide who you want to see your outfits.
How do I share my outfit?
You can share an outfit on Facebook, Pinterest, or by email. Click on an outfit in your closet to see the sharing buttons.
Will SeeItFit tell me what size to buy?
We all know that fit is not a formula and every designer cuts clothes differently. So, no – we will not be able to tell you what size to buy, but we allow you to see yourself in the clothes before your purchase. You can readily see if something fits your style or maybe gives a new view of you. The color, cut – it’s all on YOU, no avatars needed.
Can I see accessories with my outfit?
We can do things like necklaces, and sometimes earrings on you. But if anything is tough to see on, you can always place the item next to the picture of you. For example while handbags, shoes and watches won’t be “on”, they will be in the fitting room with you to complement every look you create. You can even add perfume, wallets, belts or anything else to complete your look.
How is SeeItFit different from other sites?
The biggest difference is that these pictures are of YOU! Not some model who looks great in everything she tries on - and not some cartoon version of you with similar measurements. Seriously, the Smurf version of me doesn’t help me buy clothes! You get to see things on you before you buy and get feedback from your family and friends – so you can find your best look for every occasion.
Do I need to put in my measurements?
Nope! No measurements required.
Can I SeeItFit on my spouse or children?
Absolutely! If you upload their picture, you can SeeIt on them as well. Just think of no longer have a grumbling companion of any age aside you in the mall. You can just easily share a few “looks” via SeeItFit. You go from brick and mortar to click and order.
What is the difference between a Saved Item and a Saved Outfit?
A Saved Item is something you have added from a store, and can pair with other items in your closet. A Saved Outfit is an entire look, and saves with you in the picture.

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