It's not how it looks online, it's how it looks on YOU


Our Story

Thank you for visiting! We created this site because we didn’t think it was right that we had to buy something online just to see how it would look on you! We hope you feel the same way. While we won’t give you specific size recommendations (are we the only ones who have almost every size in their closet?), we DO want to give you a chance to SEE items on you before you purchase online. So upload your private profile picture in shorts and a tank top so that you can start trying on everything from summer casual to black-tie formal - all from the comfort of home. SeeItFit is all about YOU! How it looks online doesn’t help us find the best looks for our skin color, hair color, body type, etc. We were never going to miss that terrible dressing room lighting anyway! We hope you enjoy shopping, seeing and sharing from your couch.

We are a company founded on inspiration, laughter, joy and hard work. Our founders are two entrepreneurs who love working together and turned a conversation of “Wouldn’t it be cool if …” into a global company. Our focus on “See” is more than just part of our brand’s name. We believe seeing something on you, at home, in life and then sharing the look leads to more confident buying. And frankly, it’s more fun. An aspiration becomes inspiration.

For us, personalizing ecommerce means we help people connect in new ways. A dressing room is no longer an isolating guessing room. Whether for a date, wedding, vacation, party, or just a desire for a little something new -- shopping is often done because of an event. Whatever your occasion, even if it’s just a quick escape to see, shop and share, we hope to bring some light.

After all, SeeItFit is about you.

You complete the picture.

Our Founders

Our co-CEOs, Sarah Crossman Sullivan and Jamie Pennington, are the co-founders of SeeItFit. The company was born out their unique traits, including an open door office policy, a lot of laughter, incredible work ethic, and a passion for helping bring out the best in others.

Both are dynamic speakers and whether around a table or standing in front of large audiences, they connect and inspire. They are great friends and their joy pours out, even when we have long days.

We love our white boarding moments as a team and learning from our users. Admittedly, we also love Thai food, The Police, Hall & Oates, wrap around porches (good gravy we originated in Atlanta so add in some sweet tea and visit for a while), singing with pretty much any band, SNL and helping people re-build.

See. Share. Serve.

Genesis 9:16 - See

Deuteronomy 15:10 - Share

Galatians 6:2 - Serve

We’re in business to bring light, laughter and hope, and we do so with you. As you use and share SeeItFit tools, we give resources to organizations dedicated to providing programs that:

  • Provide access to education, health and economic opportunities
  • Improve quality of life
  • Give help to those who are ill, impoverished, scared, abandoned, homeless and in the midst of conflict ridden communities
  • Break destructive cycles of poverty and violence
  • Deliver shelter, safety, kindness, courage and peace
  • Value love, compassion, integrity and selfless sacrifice
  • Alleviate pain caused by racial, political or economic discrimination
  • Give light, hope and nourishment

Want to know more? Want to be a part of global change by igniting a light?

Join us to press on and help all take hold. Email us at